About Us

Milgram is a cultural association aiming to spread knowledge and expertise in the fields of philosophy, history, and social sciences.

Founded by young researchers and scholars, Milgram aims at connecting academia to high school and society at large, fostering cultural debate and educational innovation.

Our activities are based on an interdisciplinary approach and didactic laboratory. We offer workshops for high school students, refresher courses for teachers, continuing professional development, and cultural planning.

Key issues: Philosophy & Happiness, Public Ethics, Digital Alphabetization, Society & New Media, Holocaust Education, Political History in 20th Century Italy.


Why Milgram?

The name of our association is a homage to Stanley Milgram (New York, 1933-1984). Professor of Social Psychology at Yale, Harvard and New York, Milgram is internationally known for his empirical researches on obedience and its socio-psychological dynamics.

The famous ‘Milgram experiment’, conducted at Yale University in the 1960s, shocked the academic community and the American public opinion: it demonstrated how easily good people can turn evil if their evil actions (such as tormenting innocent persons) are performed as a response to an order commanded by someone in authority.

Then, why Milgram? Because ‘to educate’ means to offer the conceptual tools people need in order to understand their own social context, and the situational forces influencing their behaviour. It means to encourage people to think about the morality of their own actions and choices, to call commonplaces into question, to reflect on the legitimacy of the authorities guiding them.

As the ‘subjects’ of Milgram’s experiment, anybody may be asked to take fatal decisions: it is up to us to decide whether to ‘activate a switch’ or not, being aware of our own responsibility. To remember and remind this is the mission that inspires our association.